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Where we share practical content, tools, and processes for strategy, innovation, product management and intrapreneurship that we’ve learned from real world experience directly in the field.

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Business Model Competition

Over 85 percent of new businesses fail within a few years, often because they try to plan their way to success. It’s time to change. The IBMC is not a business plan competition but focuses on identifying and precisely defining the assumptions of a new venture, testing those assumptions in the field, and then pivoting (changing) based on the lessons learned.

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Innosight is a global strategy and innovation consulting firm. They are the leading authority on disruptive Innovation and collaborate with companies to devise growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products and services that improve people’s lives.

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Kada Research

Kada Research is a niche practice providing UK and EU research and consulting services on business and economic growth and social inclusion. Kada is a collaborative partner of RedKite Innovation and specialises in Policy and research, evaluation, and economic analysis.

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Results Coaching

Results Coaching exists for one purpose, to help you achieve your goals in life and get the results you deserve. Expand your horizons and live your life to the max. They are based in Wellington, New Zealand, and are a collaborative partner of Redkite Innovations. Their services includes 1-on-1 coaching for all levels of an organisation and group coaching programmes.

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